What are the benefits of Mint ?

Mint is widely used in cooking for its delicious aroma. In fact, it used to be known as the ‘hospitality herb’ as housewives in days gone by would put bouquets of mint around their homes to make them smell nice. But there is much more to this herb than its smell.

Mint health benefits are multiple. Eating fresh mint or adding it to your meal can help to stimulate the salivary glands, which in turn triggers increased bile secretions to aid digestion. It can also help expel gas and relieve associated symptoms, as well as having a mild anesthetic effect that can help soothe gastric ulcers.

Mint also has magical anti-inflammatory qualities which can help treat headaches, dizziness and nausea, and when inhaled in steam form it can reduce the symptoms of asthma and even the common cold.

Ever noticed that most toothpaste is flavoured with mint? This is because mint has oral health benefits, and was the tooth cleaning tonic of choice long before toothpaste existed.

Another extremely useful mint benefit is that its antiseptic and antibacterial properties can be used to ward off head lice whilst its antispasmodic agents can help soothe sore muscles.

Mint is also great for keeping skin looking youthful as the vitamin E and D that it contains helps to rejuvenate skin, whilst salicylic acid speeds up the turnover of dead skin cells. Mint also contains vitamin A which is important for eye health, whilst vitamin C boost the immunity system. 

What Chilli No. 5 sauce contains Mint?

You can find fresh mint in our Chilli No. 5 Fiery Gazpacho sauce.

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