What are the benefits of Oregano ?

Did you know when you last tucked into a margarita that the oregano sprinkled on your pizza had numerous health benefits as well as an intoxicating smell?

The common herb which grows in abundance in Mediterranean countries and is widely used in local cooking boasts a multitude of health merits such as treating a common cold through its antiseptic qualities. Another of the most useful oregano benefits is that the herb can help reduce the symptoms of viruses like gastroenteritis due to a compound called carvacrol which inactivates the harmful effects of norovirus.

Why is Oregano a superfood?

Other oregano antioxidant benefits include reducing the development of diabetes and many autoimmune diseases as well as treating intestinal parasites without any side effects.

Oregano is also very much a women’s ally as when chewed or added to hot water, fresh oregano can help relieve painful period cramps. It is also said to help reduce the effects of the menopause.

In addition, the Mediterannean herb has important anti-cancer powers. Trials have found that a major oregano benefit is that it can help prevent the growth and formation of cancer cells. In one particular experiment, scientists discovered that colon cancer could be treated with oregano extract as it helped prevent the growth of cancer cells and even killed them off.

And a final hooray for this simple herb – oregano is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and potassium, meaning that it can lower the risk of heart problems.

Which Chilli No. 5 chilli sauces contain oregano?

Oregano can be found in our Perfect Piri Piri and Mexican Fury sauces.

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