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Are Chilli No. 5 products gluten-free?

In the production of the following sauces we used products which do not contain gluten: Mexican Fury, Perfect Piri Piri, Hot Spicy Ketchup, Louisiana BBQ, Forever Phall, Heavenly Harissa, Sriracha Cha-Cha-Cha, Wicked Wasabi, Jamaican Jerk, Chinese Hot & Sour, Totally Thai. Now all Chilli No. 5 sauce do not contain gluten.

How to Clean a Sauce Bottle?

We use a damp cloth or kitchen roll to clean the outside of the sauce bottle, then the inside of the neck of the bottle using your index finger and then finish by cleaning the sauce bottle plug. This will allow you to keep your hot sauce bottle clean for a long time.

What do the heat chilli signs mean on the Chilli No. 5 products?

3 chillis 🌶🌶🌶 or three dots on the bottles means hot to very hot spicy
2 chillis 🌶🌶 or two dots means mild to hot spicy
1 chilli 🌶 or one dot means mild spicy

Spice overdose, what do you do?

Try drinking cow’s milk.

Are Chilli No. 5 products Kosher?

Yes, our Chilli No. 5 sauces, oils and flakes are Kosher.

Are Chilli No. 5 products vegan?

Yes, our Chilli No. 5 sauces, oils and flakes are vegan.

Where can I find the best before date on the bottle?

The best-before date for the Chilli No. 5 chilli sauces can be found on the side of the bottle.

Do your products have to be refrigerated?

Yes, our products are best preserved in the fridge.

Why is this hot sauce hotter than a previous bottle that I purchased?

Our chilli is grown naturally, therefore, we cannot control the spiciness of our product (as well as the colour).

Where is the Chilli No. 5 sauce made?

In the UK. Our kitchen is in Central London.

How to get the tubes out of the box?

You may push the tube down at the top of the test tube to remove them from the packaging.

What to do if the Chilli No. 5 bottle fizzes?

Allow the contents to settle for a few moments before pouring onto food or request a refund.

What are the flavours of the Chilli No. 5 Sauces?

Our Healthy Chilli Sauce Flavours are:
Mexican Fury  –  Sweet, Tomato & Full-bodied – For Mexican Nights
Ever So English –  Light & Spicy – For Apero, Cold Cuts & Cheese
Louisiana BBQ – Smokey, Sweet & Smooth – For Anything BBQ
Wicked Wasabi – Complex & Intense – Great for Steak
Forever Phall – Earthy & Fragrant – For English Breakfast – Eggs & Bacon or Vegan
Sriracha Cha Cha Cha –  Peppery Tomato – For Pizza, Pasta
Perfect Piri Piri – Tangy & Fruity – For Chicken, Oysters, Scallops or Prawns
Jamaican Jerk – Deep & Aromatic – For Jerk Chicken, Veggie, or White Fish
Chinese Hot & Sour – Sweet & Fruity – For Stir-fry or Fish
Totally Thai  – Dry & Citric – For anything Thai or Fish
Heavenly Harissa  –   Fruity & Strong – For Lamb or Chickpeas
Hot Spicy Ketchup – Smooth & Umami – For Pizza, Pasta
Fiery Gazpazo  – Spicy Tomato  – For Bloody Mary Mix
Pizza Pizzazz  – Really Hot Chilli Oil – Sharp Oily Heat – For Pizza, Pasta
Pure Chilli No. 5 – Dry Heat & Smooth – For Anything – Warning ⚠️ 
Chipotle CBD  – Hickory, Smoky BBQ – My personal favourite BBQ Sauce
White Truffle – Truffly, earthy, mushroom, cognac, fiery hot sauce
Champagne Gold – Fruity yet dry, sharp chilli sauce
Devilish Dijon – Fruity & Sharp, mustard chilli sauce

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