Vegan is just Pure Love, and so are the Chilli No. 5 Vegan Hot Sauces

Perfect Piri Piri – Gourmet Piri Piri Hot Pepper Sauce 🌶🌶


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Healthy Sriracha Sauce in Glass Bottle

Sriracha Cha-Cha-Cha – Healthy Sriracha in Glass Bottle 🌶🌶🌶


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Louisiana BBQ Hot Sauce

Louisiana BBQ Hot Sauce – Vegan Gourmet BBQ Chilli Sauce 🌶🌶


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Ever So English - Horseradish Hot Sauce for Cheese

Ever So English – Horseradish English Hot Sauce 🌶


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Jamaican Jerk Hot Sauce – Jamaican Hot Sauce 🌶🌶


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Chinese Hot and Sour – Chinese Hot Chilli Sauce 🌶🌶


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from our Chilli No. 5 Community

Veganism is synonymous with creativity, you’ll find yourself trying out some amazing combinations in the kitchen.

Raw cakes, marinades, vegetable patties, the number of grains, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices that one doesn’t think of on a daily basis, the vegan do, so it brings something special to your diet on top of the flavour!

Vegan Testimonials from Maria, 23 years old | Vera 21 years old | Muriel, 53 years old | Chilli No. 5 Clients.


Vegan Hot Sauces by Chilli No. 5

Plant-based chilli sauces to elevate your plate

Chilli No. 5 offers an incredible selection of vegan hot sauces purposefully designed to add depth of flavour and pizzaz to a wide range of cuisines.

Our portfolio of vegan hot sauces are made with the finest superfood fruit and vegetables, and our handpicked selection of natural health supplements to ensure a diet that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Purposefully designed to help vegans enjoy a tasty and healthy diet, our vegan hot sauces are changing the industry for the better.

With a selection of 13 vegan hot sauces to choose from, along with a roster of ever-changing limited-edition vegan chilli sauces and oils, there is always something new and exciting to try.


Chilli No. 5’s gourmet vegan hot sauces are loaded with healthy ingredients. Each of our chilli sauces includes at least 10 powerful superfoods, such as sundried tomatoes, garlic, chillies, apple cider vinegar, and red peppers.

All of our healthy hot sauces also boast five good-for-you supplements; guarana, red ginseng, L-Arginine, inulin, and fenugreek. These incredible powerhouse ingredients offer a range of reported health benefits, from aiding weight loss to supporting heart health and the immune system.

While overall plant-based diets are healthier, those following a vegan diet must be mindful to ensure they obtain the right amount of nutrients, including calcium, iron, and vitamin B-12, typically sourced from meat-based products. Our healthy vegan hot sauces offer an effortless solution to help ensure meals are nutrient-rich.


One of the most challenging aspects of a vegan diet is creating dishes with depth of flavour. Chilli No.5 is determined to change this. Our vegan hot sauces make it simple to enjoy a tasty diet free from animal-based and environmentally harmful products.

Chilli No.5’s extensive selection of luxury hot sauces offer guaranteed flavour and spice to all vegan dishes. Ideal for marinating, adding to sauces, soups and stews, or as a mouth-watering dipping sauce, Chilli No.5’s healthy hot sauces are designed to infuse incredible flavour to a variety of global culinary creations.

For heat-lovers looking to try our spiciest vegan hot sauce, add a drizzle of our Forever Phall over a delicious vegetable curry. Chilli No.5’s Mexican Fury pairs perfectly as a generous serving in avocado and bean-based burritos. Feel the powerful kick and get creative with homemade sushi and vegetable spring rolls complete with Chilli No. 5’s Wicked Wasabi, or enjoy a delicious vegetable skewer with our vegan Louisiana BBQ sauce or Perfect Piri Piri.

With Chilli No.5’s globally inspired range of vegan hot sauces, you can give your favourite vegan meals the heat and flavourful kick they deserve.

Discover our incredible range of vegan hot sauces and transform the ordinary into extraordinary. For culinary inspiration, explore our range of Superfood Monday vegan recipes.

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