L'arginine - superfoods - health benefits of L'arginine - amazing health - improve your health
L’arginine – superfoods – health benefits of L’arginine – amazing health – improve your health
  • Wound healing
  • Aids circulation
  • Boost energy
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Aids muscle growth 
  • Boosts immune health

L-arginine is a powerhouse of an amino acid known for its healing properties. The many benefits of L-arginine have made it one of the most popular supplements. Therefore, the creators of Chilli No. 5 made sure to include this wonder ingredient in each of their luxury hot sauces, ensuring not only a taste sensation, but a healthy one too. 

One of 20 naturally occurring amino acids in the body, L-arginine is recognised for its wound-healing abilities, as well as its ability to help with circulation and boost energy. 

The amino acid is naturally occurring in animal products, such as eggs, dairy products, seafoods and meats, as well as in grains. However, it is found only in small quantities making this a beneficial supplement for everyone. Additionally, the amino acid is not found in fruits and vegetables. 

The myriad benefits of L-arginine

The incredible benefits of L-arginine are many and varied, making this a great all-round supplement that offers a fantastic health boost for all. In addition to its well-known healing properties, this wonder ingredient helps with blood flow to all parts of the body by dilating blood vessels. This can help with numerous cardiovascular conditions, including high blood pressure and angina, in addition to aiding with ailments such as migraines and even erectile dysfunction in men.

Other benefits of L-arginine include assisting with muscle growth. This, in turn, helps to enhance strength and fitness levels, making L-arginine a popular supplement with athletes and fitness enthusiasts the world over. Further, the amino acid has reported anti-ageing benefits, helping to repair visible damage to the skin by aiding with the production of collagen, the building blocks to young healthy-looking skin. Finally, this powerful amino acid helps boost immune health. 

As it naturally occurs only in small amounts in animal products and grains, taking regular L-arginine supplements is a great way to ensure optimal health. This coupled with the amino acid’s numerous health benefits, is why the creators of Chilli No. 5 purposefully handpicked L-arginine to add to each of its health-boosting luxury hot sauces. 

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