What are the benefits of Thyme?

A sprig of thyme can bring so much to a dish, just as it can also make a considerable difference to your health.

Thyme is packed full of health-promoting compounds, vitamins A, B6 and C, fibre, calcium, iron, manganese as well as numerous antioxidants that a daily fix can be a huge benefit to your mental and physical health.

Native to Mediterranean countries and a part of the mint family, thyme has been a staple part of manโ€™s diet since Romans times when soldiers ate it to give them courage. In fact, the Latin word for thyme โ€˜thymusโ€™ means courage and strength. Nowadays, we know that a daily dose of thyme can influence neurotransmitters and boost your mood so this is perhaps why ancient warriors ate it before going into battle.

Why is Thyme so good for you?

Thyme benefits are far-reaching, from helping with bronchitis and whooping cough to being given to children suffering from dyspraxia and bedwetting. Another thyme health benefit which is widely recognised is that the herb can help with parasitic worm infections and a number of skin disorders.

Thyme is also claimed to help cure laryngitis, tonsillitis and mouth ulcers by an amount of the herb being applied directly to the skin. It can also allegedly help with bad breath, baldness and tooth decay. The multifarious talents of thyme know no bounds!

Which Chilli No. 5 hot sauces contain Thyme?

To get your hit of thyme, we suggest you try our Jamaican Jerk and Mexican Fury sauces. 

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