Health Benefits of Cornish Sea Salt

What is Cornish Sea Salt?

Cornish Sea Salt is a unique salt that is produced from minerals taken from hidden coves on the Lizard Peninsula, on the south coast of Cornwall. Salt production in coastal Cornwall dates back to the Iron Age when parts of the Atlantic Ocean were dammed in rock pools before being dried out by the sun and boiled in pots over fires.

How is Cornish Sea Salt produced?

The technology of producing Cornish Sea Salt may have changed somewhat since the early days, but the delicious and unique taste of natural sea salt coupled with the undeniable health benefits have fortunately not.

How does Cornish Sea Salt maintain its minerals?

Much of saltโ€™s natural mineral content is lost during the process of manufacturing mass produced table salt, but the same can not be said for Cornish Sea Salt, also available as Cornish Sea Salt Flakes. Cornish Sea Salt is harvested in such a way that it manages to retain more than 60 natural minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and sulphur.

What are the health benefits of Cornish Sea Salt?

These essential minerals have a number of health benefits including helping to regulate blood sugar levels, reducing anxiety and ensuring that our hearts are functioning properly. They also help to maintain healthy skin and reduce inflammation.

What Chilli No. 5 sauces contain Cornish Sea Salt?

Cornish Sea Salt has been added to our Regal Red Pepper and Fiery Gazpacho sauces. 

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