What are the benefits of Chilli Mix?

What’s not to love about chilli? The picante chilli pepper adds spice, flavour and a dash of colour to every plate it graces. And what’s more, it’s good for you! 

Our favourite superfood chilli originates from Mexico and dates back to 5000 BC when chillies were discovered in Aztec and Mayan traditions. Historians believe the versatile spice was used not only to flavour food but also to fumigate houses and cure illnesses. 

How is Chilli Mix an antioxidant?

How so? Chilli is an antioxidant which promotes health and boosts your metabolism. It may also help fight against cancer. But there’s more good news. Chilli peppers are literally packed with goodness. In just one tablespoon of superfood chilli you will find 108% of your daily vitamin C requirements as well as enough vitamin A, vitamin B-6 and iron to keep you fit and healthy and warn off colds, infection and covid. One teaspoon of this nutritious fruit also contains 145 mg of potassium to help prevent hypertension and keep your blood pressure on track.

And thanks to the magic capsaicin compound found in chillies, peppers can also improve cholesterol, reduce pain by reducing inflammation and even help cure arthritis, muscle sprain and cluster headaches. Chilli is a superfood of enorme proportions! 

The nutrient-packed chilli is the very essence of our Chilli No. 5 Chilli Pepper Mix, a ridiculously wholesome and intoxic melange of our favourite chillis.

Which Chilli No. 5 sauces contain our Chilli Mix?

You can find our Chilli No. 5 Chilli Mix in all our range of sauces.

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