Gourmet Burger Spice


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Introducing the delectable Burger Spice, the newest creation from Chilli No. 5 that promises to elevate your culinary experience.  Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this spice blend is set to become your kitchen’s secret weapon, enhancing a wide array of dishes with its rich and robust taste.

From sizzling burgers that boast an extra layer of smokiness and depth, to tender cuts of meat that come alive with a symphony of flavors, Burger Spice is here to make your meals truly exceptional. This versatile seasoning can be generously sprinkled on everything even in vegetarian options, ensuring each bite is a burst of exquisite taste.

Grab your bottle of Burger Spice today and embark on a journey of gastronomic delight!


Sugar, Smoked Paprika, Onion, Black Pepper, Celery Salt, Garlic, Tomato Flakes, Paprika, Basil, Oregano, and Chilli. Allergens in bold.

Burger Spice is a versatile seasoning that can complement a wide range of dishes. Here are some of the best foods to pair with our gourmet spice:

Burgers: Of course, the name says it all. Sprinkle Burger Spice onto your burger patties before grilling or cooking for an extra layer of smoky, savory goodness.

Grilled Meats: Whether it's steaks, pork chops, or lamb skewers, the blend of spices in Burger Spice can enhance the flavor of grilled meats.

Chicken: Whether you're roasting, grilling, or pan-searing chicken, Burger Spice can add depth and complexity to the dish.

Fish: From salmon to white fish, the smoky and herbal notes of Burger Spice can be a delightful addition to seafood.

Roasted Vegetables: Elevate the flavors of roasted vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers with a sprinkle of Burger Spice.

Potato Dishes: Whether you're making French fries, potato wedges, or mashed potatoes, Burger Spice can bring an interesting twist to the classic potato side dishes.

Sauces and Marinades: Incorporate Burger Spice into your homemade sauces and marinades to infuse them with its unique flavor profile.

Remember, the possibilities are endless. Feel free to experiment and discover your own favorite pairings with Burger Spice to create memorable and delicious meals.



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