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Take on the Chilli No.5 product range in your own specialty shop, bar, restaurant, farm, garden centre, BBQ shop, or show. Our range of specialty chilli sauces come in multiple distinctive flavours to cater to a wide range of customers. The attractive, stylish packaging is easy to distinguish and will stand out to your clients. Chilli No. 5's sauces are also vegan and packed with superfoods, making them perfect for health-minded clientele.

Abbonamento bottiglia di salsa piccante


Our gourmet chilli sauces are perfect for placement in your specialty stores. They feature high-end, stylish packaging, ensuring they will stand out to your clientele. Chilli No. 5’s hot sauces can be sold as the perfect gourmet accompaniment to your clients’ other purchases, or as standalone purchases. Our sauces are vegan and will satisfy the needs of your most health-conscious clients. 

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Chilli No. 5 can provide your bars or restaurants with a range of healthy, gourmet hot sauces in large quantities. Our sauces are vegan, and filled with superfoods, ensuring they will appeal to health-minded customers. With a multitude of distinctively-named flavours and colourful packaging, our sauces are sure to stand out to your customers, be it on a menu or on a table top, and can compliment a host of dishes.

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Chilli No. 5’s range of gourmet hot sauces are perfect for gift baskets. Our sauces come in colourful, attractive packaging, which is sure to stand out and increase the appeal of a gift set. Additionally, we offer an array of distinctive flavours which are perfect for appealing to customers looking for themed or seasonal gift sets. Our sauces have numerous health benefits, and would be attractive to clients looking for healthy gourmet gift boxes.


If you would like something special to offer clients of your travel company, airline, chalet company, spa, corporate tables, or canteens, Chilli No. 5 offers a range of healthy, superfood-packed vegan sauces which come in a multitude of flavours. The variety of our offerings ensures our sauces will stand out to all types of clientele, and our attractive packaging makes our products all the more eye-catching and easy to sell.

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