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Bored of the same lunch-time salad or sandwich every day? Stop! It doesn’t have to be boring any more.

Bring added flavour and spice to your lunches with Chilli No. 5 gourmet hot & healthy sauces.

Impress your colleagues or school friends at lunchtime by pulling out your easy-to-transport, easy-to-pour Chilli No. 5 hot sauce pouch and add it directly to your lunch.

You will receive 1 of our 13 mouthwatering international hot sauces every month to perfectly accompany your packed lunch or picnic.

Subscribe today to the Chilli No. 5 hot sauce Monthly Pouch subscription, and we will deliver a new 100ml flavour sachet of Chilli No. 5 hot sauce every month, first-class to your door, at work or at home.

You will save immediately 20% on the public pouch prices, and also receive a coupon code for 10% on any extra purchases.

Subscribe to our Monthly Pouch offer today and receive a Chilli No. 5 tasting tube gift set as an added bonus.

Opt-out at any time and remember, each of our sauces contains at least 10 powerful and carefully selected superfoods to energise your day.

Click Subscribe or Buy with Apple Pay to subscribe to this offer and start enjoying those lunches even more.


At Chilli No. 5, we set out to create a gourmet hot sauce that is good for you, filled with carefully chosen ingredients to help you improve your health and live an active lifestyle.

All our sauces have 10+ superfoods and have no preservatives nor colouring.


All our sauces are Vegan & Kosher.

Subscription offer:

You will receive a different flavour pouch every month delivered to your chosen address home or work.
Every new flavour will be a different international flavour of hot chilli sauce.
The pouches are 6x more sustainable than a plastic bottle and easy-to-transport, easy-pour.
Perfect for taking with you for picnics, sandwiches, salads or work/school lunch.
You will receive a coupon code for 10% for any other purchases on our website.
You will receive a Hot Sauce Tasting Tube Collection as a gift.
All sauces contain 10+ superfoods in each pouch.
There are no preservatives or colouring in our sauces.
Our sauces are vegan and Kosher.
Opt-out at any time.

You will try all our 13 mouthwatering international hot sauce flavours coming in 100ml pouches.

- Louisiana BBQ
- Perfect Piri Piri
- Jamaican Jerk
- Mexican Fury
- Heavenly Harissa
- Sriracha Cha-Cha-Cha
- Chinese Hot & Sour
- Wicked Wasabi
- Ever So English
- Forever Phall.
Our hot sauces have been created to pair with a multitude of dishes you make at home or have been prepared by somebody else. You can use them as a tasty marinade or as a delicious pouring hot sauce. Each sauce will pair with a good selection of dishes. By joining the subscription you can pair these sauces with all your favorite creations and delight your guests.
Each of our hot chilli sauces contain over 10 superfoods and have no preservatives nor colouring.
The website shows all nutrients for each flavour.



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