Gourmet Habanero Chilli Flakes

  • Hot Chilli Oil & Gourmet Chilli Sauces for Pizza
  • Hot Chilli Sauce for Pasta
  • Gourmet Hot Chilli Sauce for BBQ
  • Hot Chilli Sauces for Vegetable Dishes
  • Gourmet hot chilli sauce for breakfast/eggs

£6.0050ml glass tube

Gourmet habanero flakes. Our habanero flakes weigh in at 600K in the Scoville scale. Tasting notes are smoky, sweet and very hot. Habanero chilli flakes are also sold in our chilli flakes gifting box.

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Habanero dried Chilli Flakes are best used in marinades or to sprinkle on food. Also great as crushed chilli flakes for pizza and pasta.

Benefits of Chilli Flakes are the superfood Chilli



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