Mexican Party Bundle – Mexican Decoration, Sauce & Flakes

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Welcome to Mexico with our Mexican Fury Bundle. Thanks to our new collaboration and strong connections with ArtMexico – The authentic art & craft Mexican decoration company in Guadalajara Mexico, Chilli No. 5 is proud to offer all you Mexican lovers the best Mexican chilli & decoration giftset. This includes a bottle of our finest Mexican Fury gourmet chilli sauce, our Chipotle chilli flakes, our Mexican grasshopper snacks, 4 genuine Mexican placemats, 2 sets of Papel Picado, and two authentic mini Mexican ceramic sugar skulls.



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The perfect Mexican gift or to bring alive your Mexican evenings in. Buy our Mexican Fury Chilli & Decoration Gift Set Bundle which includes:

Mexican Fury Chilli Sauce (200ml) – From Chilli No. 5

Chipotle Chilli Flakes – From Chilli No. 5

2 Mexican Sugar Mini Skulls – to put on the table – from ArtMexico

2 Sets of Authentic Mexican paper Papel Picado  – to hang over the table – from ArtMexico

1 Set of 4 Authentic colourful Mexican Table Mats – to put on the table – from ArtMexico

Just add Burritos & Tacos.








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