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The Chilli No. 5 range offers a variety of the best hot sauces with flavours worldwide, ranging from mild to extra-hot. Whether you’re looking for a mild, smoky sauce for your tacos or an extra-hot hot sauce to add some heat to your food, you will find something in the Chilli No. 5 range that will tickle your taste buds.

All of their sauces come with resealable caps and are available in large 200 ml glass bottles and pouches, as well as travel-size 15ml glass bottles.


Discover the different flavours of all of these wonderful vegan chilli sauces and which dishes each fits best with!


Heavenly Harissa 

Award Winning Heavenly Harissa Hot Sauce

Earthy, Peppery, Garlic Umami with Fresh Coriander

Best with: meat, fresh fish, or vegetables, Moroccan tagine, couscous, traditional Tunisian dishes


Louisiana BBQ

Louisiana BBQ Hot Sauce

Hickory, Bold, Smokey, Tangy

Best with: burgers, pork ribs, sausages


Perfect Piri Piri

Best Portuguese Piri Piri Hot Sauce

Light, Citrus, Fresh

Best with: fried chicken, any meat dish, BBQ, fried/burger/roast chicken, oysters, seafood


Sriracha Cha Cha Cha

Healthy Sriracha Sauce in Glass Bottle

Tangy, Sweet, Garlic

Best with: vegetable sticks, as a condiment for stews


Jamaican Jerk

Buy online Great Taste Awards' winning gourmet Jamaican Jerk Hot Sauce by Chilli No. 5

Aromatic, Warming, and Complex with Exotic Spices

Best with: breakfast dishes (eggs and bacon), jerk chicken, as a soup condiment


Mexican Fury


Fresh, Bright, Aromatic

Best with: Mexican dishes such as tacos or burritos, also meats, seafood, and veggie dishes


Hot Spicy Ketchup

Hot Spicy Ketchup by Chilli No. 5

Fresh Tomato & Aromatic Umami Flavours

Best for: marinating meats and vegetables; adding to soups and stews


Fiery Gazpacho


Fresh Summer Flavours

Best with: chilli con carne, or a classic tomato soup, breakfasts dishes, simple pastas, smoked salmon, and 4-cheese pizzas


Ever So English

Ever So English - Horseradish Hot Sauce for Cheese

Fruity, Woody, and Bold

Best with: a plate of fromage, steak (tenderloin, fillet)


Totally Thai


Sweet, Citrus, Umami

Best with: Asian (curry, stir into noodle dishes), chicken, prawn, and vegetarian dishes


Forever Phall

Best Indian Hot Chilli Sauce

Sweet, Earthy, Aromatic

Best with: beef, lamb, chicken and prawns, Indian (samosas, a paneer Kathi roll, papadams, naan bread, …), Chicken Korma, a Lamb Rogan Josh, or even pizzas


Chinese Hot & Sour

Award Winning Chinese Hot & Sour Hot Sauce

Sweet, Bold & Tart

Best with: crispy chicken, fried duck, beef, or prawns


Wicked Wasabi

Wasabi Japanese Hot Chilli Sauce

Umami, Sweet & Nutty

Best with: steak, lamb, pork, and vegetarian dishes as well as sushi and salty fish


White Truffle Chilli Sauce


Earthy, Deep, Umami

Best with: risotto, pasta, veal, beef, chicken, pizza


Spicy Sweet Chilli Sauce

Best Sweet Spicy Chilli Sauce- Best Spicy Sweet Chilli Sauce- Healthy Spicy Sweet Chilli Sauce

Umami, Earthy, Tangy

Best with: any kind of protein, rice and vegetables.
Make a sweet & spicy chicken with rice!


Devilish Dijon

Chilli No. 5 - Best Awarded Spicy Mustard Sauce Dijon - Mustard Hot Sauce

Crisp, Tart and Tangy

Best with: red meat and certainly a good steak, duck, vegetables


Champagne Gold

Luxury Hot Sauce with Gold & Champagne - Chilli No. 5

Luxurious, Fresh and Sweet

Best with: foie gras, roast duck, barbecue chicken, beef on the bone and any cold cuts and cheeses, veggie or vegan plate, smoked salmon, gravlax, lobster, crab, oysters, sushi


Chef Rumble and Chef Andrea describe the unique flavours of all the Chilli No. 5 hot sauces in Kitchen Collection and the BBQ Collection:


Click here to learn more about which Chilli No. 5 sauces fit best with which dishes.


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