September marks the start of the truffle season when gourmands seek out the mouthwatering taste of these highly prized delicacies. This delectable tuber, a type of fungus, is one of the world’s most prized – and expensive – ingredients, imparting a rich earthy flavour to a wide range of dishes.  

Fresh truffles are typically shaved carefully over finished meals, including lightly buttered pasta, creamy risottos, and decadently rich omelettes, or added to luxury truffle hot sauces and oils. They are best paired with simple and uncomplicated dishes, enabling the complex flavour and aromas of the truffle to shine.

 Whether you are a seasoned truffle fan or have yet to discover their delights, read on to learn everything you need about this precious and highly prized ingredient.


What is truffle hot sauce

Truffle hot sauce offers a modern and easy way to enjoy the delectable taste of truffles year-round. The extra spicy hit from the chilli peppers elevates the truffles further, creating a tasty fusion of spicy earthy flavours that are simply irresistible! Use on your favourite dishes and enjoy the delicious taste of truffles. 


What are white truffles? 


White truffles are the most sought-after, as, unlike black truffles, their growing season is limited.

The white truffle from Alba in Italy’s Piedmont region (where Chilli No. 5 sources its truffles) is the most desired. Commonly known as white gold, this delicacy grows wild deep in the forests around Alba from September through December, around two to eight inches underground.

The truffles thrive in moist conditions, particularly around the roots of hardwood trees, such as oaks and chestnuts. Their size can vary, from a small raisin up to the size of a large apple. Additionally, they are limited in numbers and known for their exquisite pungent aromas and earthy flavours that add an incredible depth of flavour to a variety of dishes, including pasta, risottos, cheeses, and of course, the best white truffle hot sauces

White Truffle Sauce for Pasta

Expertly trained dogs sniff out these pungent delicacies. Once the location has been revealed, the truffle is carefully dug out by a truffle hunter, gently cleaned, and then is ready to be enjoyed by the lucky recipient. 

Due to the laborious process of harvesting white truffles, their limited numbers, and high demand, white truffles are a precious and expensive ingredient. Indeed, according to reports, the most expensive white truffle sold at auction for an incredible US$118,795. It weighed 2-lbs and was acquired by Michelin-starred chef Umberto Bombana, who undoubtedly treated his patrons to some spectacularly tasty dishes.


What are black truffles?


While not quite as expensive as white truffles, black truffles are still a pricey and highly desired ingredient. Their aroma and taste is not as strong as the white truffle, but they are still delicious! 

There are multiple species of black truffles harvested throughout the year, including Chile and Australia in the summer, and across Europe, including Italy and France, in the winter months. However, Italy’s Alba black truffles are the most sought-after, harvested in the summer and early fall. Like white truffles, the best wild black truffles are found by trained truffle hunting dogs.

What are white truffle hot sauces made from? 


The best white truffle hot sauces use premium ingredients, including the best selection of truffles and spices to ensure a spectacular taste sensation. 

Chilli No. 5 uses only the finest white truffles in our gourmet White Truffle Chilli Sauce from the Piedmont region in northern Italy, along with high-quality black truffles. This limited edition healthy hot sauce is packed with a handpicked selection of the best mushrooms and a touch of velvety XO brandy for added smoothness. 

Of course, you’ll also find our creamy truffle hot sauce features our six carefully selected supplements and our exclusive chilli mix, ensuring an incredible taste sensation that is also healthy. This elegant white truffle hot sauce makes a luxury addition to refined meals with friends and family. Drizzle over your favourite dish or use as a decadent white truffle pasta sauce – it is guaranteed to delight the most discerning gourmands. 

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