Wondering if hot sauce is good for you? Absolutely yes! Hot sauce boasts a wide range of healthy benefits, with most of these coming from the powerful chemical compound capsaicin, which is found in chilli peppers.

Hot sauce is one of the most widely-used condiments globally, used to enhance flavour and give extra spice to just about every cuisine imaginable.

Chilli No. 5’s hot sauces are bursting with goodness, packed with a range of superfoods and our exclusive selection of handpicked supplements. If you are wondering if hot sauce is healthy, then read on. Here are five surprising reported health benefits of hot sauce that prove it should be your new go-to condiment.


Why is hot sauce good for you?


1 – It reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Research has shown that hot chilli peppers can be highly beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. Hot sauce can help to reduce the amount of insulin needed to digest food, translating into a lowered overall level of blood sugar. This reduction in insulin production also helps to reduce the strain on the liver, resulting in a more fully functioning digestive system.

By naturally and gently regulating the secretion and re-uptake of insulin, those with diabetes who regularly consume hot sauce may gradually improve their health, weight and glucose levels.

2 – It helps you maintain a healthy weight

The health benefits of hot sauce have been shown to prevent obesity and help individuals maintain a healthy weight. The full-body flush you feel when you eat a hot and spicy pepper is more than a feeling. Capsaicin, the chemical behind the body reaction, increases at the rate your whole body heats up. This activates a sensory neuron called TRPV1, which helps keep fat from building up and controls your appetite.

It also reduces ghrelin levels, a hormone that triggers hunger, and raises levels of an appetite-suppressing hormone called GLP-1, which will help prevent overeating.


3 – It may help to reduce the risk of cancer

One of the most potent health benefits of hot sauce is its ability to prevent cancer. Some studies have shown that the consumption of chilli peppers can shrink and reduce the presence of specific cancer cells, such as prostate and colon cancers.

In addition, the high antioxidant-rich nutritional profile helps your body protect itself against free radicals, molecules that have degenerative and harmful effects on the human body. The stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties of capsaicin may help to discourage cancerous growth while stabilising the immune system.

4 – It can reduce inflammation

Capsaicin is a vital component in maintaining the health of nearly all of our major systems. It is a potent anti-inflammatory, inhibiting the action of specific peptides in the body that cause irritation and swelling. Pain, such as arthritis, headaches, sinus pressure and muscle aches, are typically caused by inflammatory responses that your body produces to eradicate an irritant. Capsaicin has been shown to help calm this response, which may lead to a reduction in pain and symptoms.

5 – It benefits your immune system

Due to their high content of vitamins, specifically vitamins A and C, chilli sauce has long been praised as a powerful immunity booster. Vitamin A is essential for supporting mucosa tissue, such as your respiratory passages, urinary tract and intestinal tract. These systems are the body’s primary defence again infections and germs, so supporting these functions with vitamin A is a great way to avoid becoming ill.

Vitamin C also helps to form and maintain connective and cardiovascular tissues, ensuring that your body is strong and benefitting from good circulation. Additionally, the spiciness of chilli sauce can help to clear congestion, moving germs and irritants out of your body.

Hot and spicy chilli sauce will add a flavoursome and unique addition to your home cooking while providing various health benefits. We believe that Chilli No. 5’s hot sauce health benefits make our luxury sauces truly deserving of being called The Sauce of Life. Now that you the answer to the question, “is hot sauce good for you,” browse our healthy hot sauce shop and experience the many health benefits of hot sauce.

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