Chilli No. 5 is gearing up to host a spectacular evening soiree celebrating Bastille Day. The event, from 7 p.m., follows the hugely successful inaugural Tapas Pop Up at the Michelin-starred Komo Monaco.

The event will take place at restaurant Jack Monaco and will feature a delicious menu of exquisite food expertly paired with Chilli No 5’s award-winning collection of luxury hot sauces.

Bastille Day is the National Day of France and a public holiday. The day marks the storming of the Bastille, an ancient Royal Fortress, on July 14, 1789, during the early months of the French revolution. Bastille Day is celebrated each year on the 14 July, with a mixture of military parades, fireworks, and leisurely family get-togethers where food often takes centre stage. 

Chilli’s No 5’s gourmet event at Jack Monaco is the ideal way to celebrate Bastille Day, offering the perfect way to enjoy superb food served in an elegant setting with loved ones. Adding extra panache, the event will be themed around Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter, best known for her brilliantly coloured self-portraits. There will be prizes for the best dressed Frida Kahlo, a tombolo entry ticket, a DJ and local dancers, and a take home Chilli No. goodie bag!

Chilli No. 5 at Jack Monaco


Jack Monaco provides a refined setting in the heart of Monaco. Located on the iconic Port Hercules, the restaurant is famed for its relaxed yet elegant atmosphere and exquisite cuisine. The creative menu at Jack Monaco is famed for its varied selection of cuisines that cater to an international clientele. 

We don’t want to give too many details about the menu as we want to surprise our guests on the night. However, we can reveal that the Chilli No. 5 exclusive menu will feature an aperitif with a handcrafted Margarita cocktail boasting an added kick thanks to a featured Chilli No. 5 hot sauce, an expertly prepared grilled main course accompanied by a selection of Chilli No. 5’s healthy hot sauces, and an optional dessert.

The dishes will be created by Jack Monaco’s team of culinary experts, headed up by chef Edoardo. 


Mexican artist Frida Kahlo


The late Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists. She started painting self-portraits after she was severely injured in a bus accident as a teenager.  Her work was exhibited in Mexico, New York, and Paris, and she was the first Mexican artist to be featured in the famed Louvre collection following the acquisition of her painting, The Frame

Chilli No. 5 is working with Art Mexico, a leading Mexican fiesta decorations company, to beautifully decorate the event with bespoke Mexican Papel Picardo in the theme of Frida Khalo.   

The artist’s colourful artwork and international outlook perfectly represent Chilli No. 5’s range of healthy hot sauces. 

“Our luxury hot sauces are made on the French Riviera, where we benefit from easy access to French and Italian suppliers that boast the very finest vegetables and superfood ingredients,” 


Rumble Romagnoli, Chilli No. 5’s founder and hot sauce enthusiast, said.

“Chilli No. 5 takes our community on a journey to travel the world by tasting our gourmet chilli sauces, oils, and chilli flakes,” Rumble added. “We welcome all chilli lovers to Jack Monaco, one of our partners in Monte-Carlo, to spend the Bastille evening in good company, with great food, music, decor, and our international range of delicious healthy hot sauces.”

Advance tickets are priced at 45€, or 50€ on the door. Reservations are advised. To reserve your ticket click here, or email [email protected]



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