The UK is set to celebrate Father’s Day 2022 on Sunday, 19 June. Dads can be tricky to buy for, with the usual socks, ties, and boozy gifts always overdone and lacking imagination. So, why not treat dad to a gift with a difference courtesy of Chilli No 5’s tasty range of gourmet healthy hot sauces?


Our range of luxury hot sauces guarantees Dad can spice up his favourite dishes while also helping to give his health a boost. All our sauces are vegan, made from the finest ingredients, and boast a powerful blend of superfoods and handpicked health supplements, making them ideal for everyone, especially those wishing to live their best life.


Healthy hot sauce: A gift for every taste


Whether Dad loves Asian cuisine or enjoys firing up the grill, we’ve got just the sauce for him.


Our healthy hot sauce collection boasts 13 incredible gourmet condiments designed for marinating, dipping, and adding to soups, stews, and stir-fries. They have been purposefully designed to pair perfectly with global cuisines, adding just the right heat and depth of flavour to elevate ordinary cuisine into something extraordinary. 

Complementing our portfolio of 13 healthy hot sauces, we also have an incredible range of ultra-luxurious limited edition luxury hot sauces, chilli oils, chilli flakes, gift sets, and accessories. Here are some of our favourite gift ideas for Father’s Day 2022!


Father’s Day 2022 gift ideas


For the gourmand Dad


Our indulgent White Truffle Chilli Sauce is our latest limited-edition healthy hot sauce and will make a wonderful gift for dads who enjoy refined cuisine. Made from the finest ingredients, including Morilles, Chanterelles, and Porcini mushrooms, sought-after white and black truffles sourced from Alba in the Piedmont region of Italy, and a dash of Brandy, this elegant sauce is heaven in a bottle. Add to risottos, pasta dishes, mashed potato, or drizzle over pizza. Beautifully packaged in a sleek black box, it’s ideal for gifting this Father’s Day 2022.


For the grilling Master


For Dads that consider themselves King of the Grill, our BBQ Collection is a must-have gift this Father’s Day 2022. Filled with five handpicked healthy hot sauces that pair beautifully with grilled foods, our BBQ gift set is just the ticket for Dad’s looking to elevate classic grilled dishes. Our BBQ Collection includes our lip-smacking Louisiana BBQ, Perfect Piri Piri, Jamaican Jerk, Mexican Fury, and Heavenly Harissa. Each sauce is housed in an elegant test tube and packaged in a sleek black box perfect for gifting.


For the culinary experimenter


For Dads that love to experiment with different flavour profiles and taste sensations, gift them our elegant Dining Collection, boasting 10 of our most popular luxury hot sauces. Designed for the hot sauce epicurean, inside this elegant gift box you’ll find the following healthy hot sauces; Ever So English, Jamaican Jerk, Perfect Piri Piri, Mexican Fury, Heavenly Harissa, Sriracha Cha Cha Cha, Chinese Hot & Sour, Wicked Wasabi, Louisiana BBQ, and Forever Phall.


For Dad’s that like it hot, hot, hot!


Our Hot Chilli Flakes box set is guaranteed to set Dad’s taste buds on fire this Father’s Day 2022! Filled with five tubes of the hottest gourmet chilli flakes on the planet, they are ideal for Dads who want to add incredible heat to their dishes. Made from some of the hottest chillies in the world, including the Carolina Reaper, The Scorpion, and the Ghost chilli, our Hot Chilli Flakes are not for the faint-hearted.  Sprinkle very lightly over finished dishes, or add sparingly to soups, stews, meats, seafood, and vegetables.


Ensure Dad has a chillilicious Father’s Day! Browse our range of healthy hot sauces now. We offer free shipping to the UK and Europe and guarantee Dad will love our gourmet hot sauces so much that he’ll be coming back for seconds.

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