It was cheering all around when Chilli No. 5 scooped an incredible seven hot sauce awards at the 2022 Farm Shop and Deli Show.


The awards recognise condiment quality and excellence, with grocery condiment awards categories spanning provenance, ethical brand stories, and sustainability.


The 2022 Farm Shop and Deli Show was held in April at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK, featuring more than 400 UK producers. We were delighted to showcase our range of luxury hot sauces, including our limited-edition healthy chilli sauces, hot and fiery chilli flakes, and accessories, to a captive audience seeking the finest local and regional produce.


Our stand attracted a great deal of attention, with guests encouraged to sample our collection of vegan hot sauces – with some choosing to brave our spiciest healthy hot sauce yet – Pure Chilli No. 5.


The Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards are a new addition to the show, covering six categories, including meat, condiments, bakery, beverages, confectionery, and preserves.

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Meet our award-winning healthy hot sauces


Silver Award


Our spicy gourmet Portuguese Perfect Piri Piri hot sauce won a Silver Award at the Farm Shop and Deli Show 2022. Boasting a deep smoky flavour with a fresh citrus twist, this incredible sauce livens up a range of culinary creations. We love it with chicken and shellfish.


Another Silver Award winner is our limited-edition Chipotle Hickory Goodness hot sauce. Packed with smokey chilli sauce flavour, this healthy hot sauce is perfect for marinating meats and vegetables, adding pizzaz to rice and vegan dishes, breakfast eggs and sandwiches.


Our third Silver Award winner was our dreamy Heavenly Harissa hot sauce. Packed with authentic roasted red peppers, black and white garlic, and sundried tomatoes, our gorgeous Heavenly Harissa vegan hot sauce is brilliant for BBQs as well as marinating fish and meats.


Our final Silver Award winner was our hot and fiery Mexican Fury chilli sauce. This incredible Tex Mex gourmet hot sauce offers a taste sensation unlike any other!  This is one of our hottest sauces and is not for the faint of heart. Perfect with tacos, veggie dishes, meats and seafood. We love it in a Bloody Mary!


Bronze Award


Scooping a Bronze Award was our extra hot, smoky vegan Louisiana BBQ luxury hot sauce. This healthy hot sauce is perfect for summer – use it for all your grilling needs to add incredible flavour or enjoy it as a tasty dipping sauce.


Our versatile extra spicy Sriracha Cha Cha Cha healthy hot sauce also garnered a Bronze Award. This lip-smacking sauce adds extra pizzaz to pizza, pastas, stir-fries, curries, and stews. It’s also a superb marinade for meats and veggies.


Our Ever So English luxury hot sauce was the final winner, taking home a Bronze Award. Chilli No. 5’s quintessential English hot sauce is a modern twist on traditional horseradish sauces. Packed with Granny Smith apples and beetroot, it’s perfect with hams and cheeses.


Browse our incredible range of award-winning luxury hot sauces and gather your friends and families for a tasty feast that is guaranteed to wow.



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