Chilli No. 5 has revolutionised the luxury hot sauce industry. Our collection of 13 healthy hot sauces and limited-edition condiments add an incredible depth of flavour and pizzaz to globally inspired dishes.


 Central to our portfolio of luxury hot sauces is our head chef, Andrea. Along with our product development team, chef Andrea develops new and inspiring healthy hot sauces that keep our customers coming back for more time-and-time-again. 


Chef Andrea also ensures all our luxury hot sauces are made with the finest ingredients and packed with our exclusive chilli mix, superfoods, and supplements, ensuring incredible flavour profiles that not only taste amazing but are good for you too.


We convinced chef Andrea to take a few minutes out of his day to answer 10 quick-fire questions on all things Chilli No 5, from how to make healthy hot sauce to the importance of gourmet chilli sauce ingredients.


Chilli No. 5 secrets: How to make healthy hot sauce 


1 – Where did you draw your inspiration from when creating Chilli No. 5’s range of healthy hot sauces, and what inspires you when creating new limited-edition hot sauces?


“While travelling, some of my favourite memories are always connected with flavours and scents. Whether it is a flaming hot street snack on an Asian market, a smoky and rich 8-hour cooked slice of brisket at a family BBQ or tapas and drinks with friends, the common denominator is always incredible flavour. It’s these incredible food memories, flavours, and scents throughout my career and global travels that inspire me. Every Chilli No. 5 healthy hot sauce has an unmistakable flair that will transport any hot sauce lover on a journey around the greatest cuisines of the world.”


2 – What’s the secret to making a great luxury hot sauce?


“If I told you, then it wouldn’t be a secret! Jokes aside, the secret to how to make a healthy hot sauce is all about balance. All great things are an equilibrium of contrasts. And all our luxury hot sauces are the perfect combination of acidic, sweet, savoury and of course spice!”


3 – Why is using quality gourmet chilli sauce ingredients so important?


“Our goal at Chilli No. 5 is to create the best quality luxury hot sauces on the market. So quality gourmet chilli sauce ingredients are a must. However, our goal at Chilli No. 5 isn’t only great taste but also health. That’s why I start every recipe with the very best quality superfoods, including fresh vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs to ensure not only flavourful sauces but healthy hot sauces that are good for you.”


4 – What is the process for making a brilliant healthy hot sauce?


“There are many paths to a great healthy hot sauce. At Chilli No. 5, we chose the path of simplicity and care. From seasoning and roasting vegetables to blooming spices in oil and blending vinegars and other key ingredients. Each step is equally important. This is how we have chosen to make our portfolio of luxury hot sauces to create velvety textures, complex flavours, and various levels of heat, from mild to extreme heat that should be used with extra caution!”


5 – How can Chilli No’s 5 healthy hot sauces transform food from ordinary to extraordinary?


“If you’re up for some heat, Chilli No.5’s incredible selection of healthy hot sauces can be your secret weapon in the kitchen. A few dashes in a salad dressing or a generous dollop added to a pan sauce can bring a complexity of flavour, which would ordinarily take hours of preparation, to a quick and easy 5-minute recipe.”


6 – How do you decide which chillies to use in each Chilli No. 5 luxury hot sauce?


“Different chillies don’t only have different levels of spiciness. From one variety to another, the fruity punch of a Scotch Bonnet pepper cannot be compared to the sweetness and succulent taste of a fresh Pimento pepper. Both are chillies but have opposite tastes and heat levels. And that’s just barely scratching the surface! The woody and aromatic notes of dried chillies lend a more warming effect on the palate and are different from the intense heat of fresh chillies that get you sweating in seconds. Even different parts of the mouth can be affected by the hot sensation depending on the chilli. As we are all about spice at Chilli No. 5, we use a combination of the greatest chillies on the planet, such as Scorpion, Habanero and the “off the chart” spicy Carolina Reaper to create incredible luxury hot sauces that are guaranteed to wow.”


7 – What do you love most about Chilli No. 5’s range of luxury hot sauces?


“My favourite aspect of Chilli No. 5’s luxury hot sauces is their versatility and variety of flavours. There is a Chilli No. 5 healthy hot sauce for every cooking style, with each hot sauce designed to deliver incredible character to international dishes. The continuous innovation of Chilli No. 5 limited-edition line inspires chefs and everyday home cooks to create new combinations and explore different culinary possibilities.”


8 – What’s your favourite Chillil No. 5 healthy hot sauce?


“It’s hard to choose, but if I had to pick just one, I would go for Chilli No. 5’s Perfect Piri Piri gourmet hot pepper sauce. I love its vinegary tang and delicate smoky aftertaste. It’s superb as a marinade, for dipping, decorating a dish for stylish plating, or simply to drizzle over your avocado toast in the morning.”


9 – Which Chilli No. 5 luxury hot sauce would you recommend for incredible heat, and conversely, which healthy hot sauce would you recommend for someone looking for just a touch of heat?


Pure Chilli No.5 hot sauce is a must-have for the extreme heat aficionado – it’s our hottest sauce yet. If you dare to try it, be prepared for a delicious but life-changing experience for your taste buds. The combination of all the most famous and capsaicin rich chillies will keep you very warm, even on the coldest of nights.


“If instead you are simply dabbling with spice resistance but don’t want to say no to the flavour, our Ever So English horseradish healthy hot sauce is the right match for you. Its earthy but sweet notes of beetroot and Granny Smith apples is the perfect carrier for the mild heat of this sauce. All of our luxury hot sauces have different variations of hotness; it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.”



10 – Finally, which Chilli No. 5 healthy hot sauce must everyone have in their store cupboard and why?


Sriracha Cha Cha Cha is always a winner. Bright and fresh, vinegary and peppery, it’s the classic luxury hot sauce that just has something extra, making it ideal for many occasions. Great for spicy mayo, to add on sushi rolls or in a burger sauce for that instant upgrade of flavour.”


Is your mouth watering yet now you know how to make healthy hot sauce? Discover Chilli No. 5’s incredible range of healthy hot sauces, made with gourmet chilli sauce ingredients, and elevate your culinary creations from ordinary to extraordinary. 




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