Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year Celebration | 1st February


On February 1, millions of people around the world will be celebrating one of the largest festivals in the Chinese calendar with their loved ones. Throughout the Chinese New Year, dining together over authentic food is one of the most important ways to celebrate, allowing many to indulge themselves in their favourite dishes. With the year of the tiger just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning an exceptional Chinese New Year feast. 

From juicy meats and long Chinese noodles to dumplings and hot pots, here we explore some classic Chinese New Year dishes that pair excellently with Chilli No.5’s Chinese Hot and Sour luxury hot sauce. Vegan and deliciously healthy, this healthy hot sauce is a mouth-watering addition to your celebrations this year. 

Chinese New Year; the year of the tiger 

Chinese Hot & Sour Hot Sauce
Chinese Hot & Sour Hot Sauce

The Chinese New Year is one of the most important days of the Chinese calendar and has been celebrated around the world for thousands of years. Otherwise known as the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year marks the end of the coldest days, with millions of individuals around the world looking to welcome in spring and all the charms that it has to offer: new harvests, budding flowers, new beginnings and a fresh start. Once a way of honouring household deities, today it is a time for luck, food, loved ones, and a wonderful excuse to celebrate for over 10 days!

Running from February 1-11, this year is the year of the tiger. The tiger is known to be courageous and resilient, wishing a year of personal strength and power. For Chinese communities, 2021 is set to be a successful year, with individuals expecting to succeed in their careers and relationships with hard work and determination.

Chinese New Year dishes

Friends, family and loved ones are the basis of Chinese society, which are seen through the significance placed on the New Year’s Eve dinner or reunion dinner. This extravagant feast is hugely important, with immense pride and care put into their meals. As with other Chinese traditions, the dishes shared around this time are created to give blessings, offering prosperity, happiness and optimism.

Chilli No.5’s luxury hot sauce 

With so many authentic dishes to try this Chinese New Year, head to the Orient with Chilli No.5’s sweet and tangy vegan Chinese Hot and Sour luxury hot Sauce, a wonderful take on the classic sweet and sour sauce. 

One of the most popular dishes, eaten every single day during the New Year are dumplings. Symbolising the exchange between the old and new year, fill the dumplings with whatever type of meat, vegetable and flavour you’d like. Some even go as far as to place a coin in a dumpling, giving one individual a year of great luck. For a burst of flavour, add a generous serving of Chinese Hot and Sour luxury hot Sauce for an exquisite dumpling dipping sauce. 

Another wonderful Chinese New Year dish to try this year is ‘gold silk’. Used to express prosperity, Chinese communities try to seek out the longest noodles they can find. In fact, the longer the noodle, the longer they perceive their life will be. Known as ‘longevity noodles’, it is important to not cut or chew these noodles, calling for a lot of loud slurping! With wonderful flexibility for sides and ingredients, add a drizzle of Chinese Hot and Sour luxury hot Sauce into your wok for a mouth-watering stir fry, or use it as an overnight juicy marinade for an authentic beef ramen.

In fact, many types of meat and vegetables also have symbolic meanings, meaning there are many other ways to add this healthy hot sauce to your Asian-inspired culinary creations this Chinese New Year. Add a generous serving of this vegan hot sauce to your morning eggs, symbolising good health for your family, drizzle over some Cantonese-style lobster for surplus wealth and fortune, or enjoy tasty duck wraps and spring onions for a lifetime of loyalty.

Benefits of Chilli No. 5’s Chinese Hot and Sour luxury hot sauce 

Not only is this pepper sauce incredibly irresistible, Chinese Hot and Sour is wonderfully healthy. To create this vegan hot sauce, our skilled chef has hand-picked a plethora of tasty ingredients, including plum tomatoes, red onions, pineapple, garlic and root ginger. This healthy hot sauce is charged with antioxidants, which reportedly help to reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Our Chinese luxury hot sauce also includes our exclusive blend of five chilli peppers and is packed with our handpicked selection of six supplements to create an exceptionally healthy Chinese vegan hot sauce. Better yet, Chinese Hot & Sour is plant-based and free from any artificial flavourings and colourings.

Sweet, spicy and tangy, try out our Chinese Hot and Sour this Chinese New Year for an irresistible taste of the Orient.

Chinese Hot & Sour Hot Sauce | Chilli No. 5 Test Tube
Chinese Hot & Sour Hot Sauce | Chilli No. 5 Test Tube


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