Devilish Dijon is the latest luxury chilli sauce from the team at Chilli No. 5, offering a spicy yet healthy chilli sauce that is guaranteed to delight those seeking a hot sauce that seriously cuts the mustard.


This new luxury chilli sauce joins our growing collection of monthly limited edition hot sauces and is a delicious alternative to store-bought mustards. Past releases include Champagne Gold, Pure Chilli No. 5, and our first chilli oil, Pizza Pizzazz.


This delectable sauce is a medium-heat hot sauce made with Dijon mustard, yellow mustard seeds, sweet pears, ground turmeric, and sun-ripened yellow peppers. Pair our Devilish Dijon luxury chilli sauce with cold cuts and cheeses, spread on a hearty Ploughman’s sandwich, add to burgers and hot dogs, or use it as a tasty condiment with a perfectly cooked steak or even as a hot and spicy dipping sauce. The ways in which you can incorporate our English mustard sauce into your culinary creations are limited only by your imagination.


Mustard is one of the world’s most popular and oldest condiments. Indeed, evidence indicates that a form of mustard sauce was enjoyed by the Greeks and Romans, who ground up mustard seeds and mixed them with unfermented grape juice to make a smooth paste. 


The first recipe for mustard was believed to have been written by Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella, a Roman agriculture writer, in his tome “De Re Rustica.” Today, the same basic formula for creating mustard sauce is still in use, although, of course, here at Chilli No. 5, we have put our own unique twist on it!


Designed as a complete game-changer, the exquisite flavour profiles of our bright yellow Devilish Dijon sauce cannot compare to store-bought mustards. Indeed, we believe once you try our Devilish Dijon luxury chilli sauce, you won’t go back to store-bought or highly processed prepared mustard ever again!


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Devilish Dijon; a healthy chilli sauce


Like all our healthy chilli sauces at Chilli No. 5, Devilish Dijon is packed with a host of superfoods, our handpicked selection of six good-for-you supplements, as well as our exclusive chilli mix, ensuring incredible depth of flavour and taste.


Mustard seeds offer an array of health benefits, with even the Greek physician Hippocrates lauding their health benefits, including mustard’s ability to soothe aches and pains. Today, mustard seeds are commonly used as a holistic treatment for sore throats, back pain, and arthritis.


Pears are a well-known superfood and are highly nutritious, rich in minerals such as potassium and copper. Potassium is said to help aid muscle contractions and heart function, while copper can play a role in cholesterol metabolism, nerve function, and immunity.


Other powerful superfoods in our Devilish Dijon luxury chilli sauce includes ginger, which offers an array of reported medicinal properties. Ginger is said to help relieve nausea and vomiting, including morning sickness in pregnant women, as well as those suffering from chemotherapy-related nausea. Other reported benefits include aiding with weight loss, easing joint pain and stiffness and helping to lower blood sugar levels.


Finally, apple cider vinegar’s therapeutic and healing benefits have made it a popular home remedy over the centuries. Amongst the many benefits of apple cider vinegar include lowering blood sugar levels, helping to improve the symptoms of diabetes, and reducing cholesterol levels.


And, let’s not forget, like all our healthy chilli sauces, our delicious mustard sauce is vegan, free from any preservatives, and made with only the most natural and healthy ingredients to help you live your best life.


Whether gifting to a friend or loved one or even to yourself, our Devilish Dijon comes elegantly packed in a gold embossed sleek black box. Limited to just 50 bottles, this decadent luxury chilli sauce won’t last long!


Best Spicy Dijon Sauce-Spicy Dijon Mustard- Dijon Mustard- Gourmet Dijon Mustard-Healthy Dijon Mustard Hot sauce- Healthiest Tastiest Spicy Dijon Mustard



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