Keto Friendly Hot Sauce Chilli No. 5

Whether you are starting the keto diet to improve your overall wellbeing or to help you achieve your dream results from the gym, you can safely use any of our 13 keto friendly hot sauces.

According to Harvard Medical School, the keto diet โ€œcentres on fat, which supplies as much as 90% of daily calories.โ€ and it โ€œaims to force your body into using a different type of fuel. Instead of relying on sugar (glucose) that comes from carbohydrates (such as grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits), the keto diet relies on ketone bodies, a type of fuel that the liver produces from stored fat.โ€ย 

Our keto friendly hot sauce collection can be incorporated into any of your keto recipes, whether you use them as a marinade or drizzle on top of your meals. In addition to being gluten free and low in calories, our hot sauces have a secret weapon in the main ingredient. Capsaicin is a chemical compound found in chilli peppers and is what provides the burning sensation when you consume them. For weight loss, capsaicin plays a role in reducing feelings of hunger, while also helping to boost metabolism. Capsaicin can also make you feel fuller, so you donโ€™t overeat during meals.ย 

A healthy lifestyle with the keto diet can be maintainable as long as you keep what you love incorporated into your new routine. Even the most basic roasted vegetables with chicken and avocado can be transformed into a culinary delight with any of our internationally-inspired hot sauces. You no longer have to compromise incredible flavour for healthy recipes, you can have it all, with Chilli No. 5.

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