How Hot Sauce Is Made Chilli No. 5

Ever wondered how sauce is made? It is simpler than you think, but we wonโ€™t be giving away our secret recipes. Two simple principles to keep in mind, how hot do you want your sauce to be and what are the key flavours you want.

The first step in making hot sauce is the most important, the sourcing of high quality ingredients. Whenever possible, choose organic and locally sourced produce as these flavours are more powerful than their frozen counterparts. Chilli No. 5 only chooses the highest quality ingredients for the explosion of flavour in each hot sauce. Additionally, choosing the chillies you are going to incorporate can be the most time-consuming part as there is a truly staggering variety to choose from. Two of our favourites is the Ghost Chilli and Birds Eye Chilli as the former only needs a small amount to make a big impact and the latter provides a more gentle and consistent heat. The Scoville scale will guide you on the spiciness of each chilli pepper so you can pick and choose your own adventure from there.ย 

The second step is optional but can drastically change the taste profile of the hot sauce recipe. Roasting or smoking of ingredients helps to enhance the natural flavours or provide an unexpected yet welcome smoky undertone to a conventional sauce.ย ย 

Next, we have the blending of all the ingredients with citrus juices, vinegars, oils or even stock. Depending on how big of a batch you are making and how many ingredients you need to combine, you could either use a hand blender or free-standing one. An important step in this process is to make sure all your ingredients are room temperature, mixing frozen and fresh-out-the-over chillis will only result in issues of taste and consistency. Smoked paprika is a simple ingredient to use if you want to try out this more advanced step.

Once the sauce is blended and cooled it is time to preserve it. When making an organic hot sauce, is it important to properly store it in bottles, in the fridge to maximise freshness and consumption time. We prefer using glass bottles as it is a more sustainable option and the flavour is preserved well.ย 

The final and best step is to enjoy your creation on anything and everything. You could also set up a subscription of your favourite Chilli No. 5 hot sauces so you donโ€™t have to resort to making chilli sauce when you run out.ย 

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