Healthy Dinner Recipes Chilli No. 5

Trying to find a delicious and healthy dinner recipe can be difficult, which is why we selected a few of our teamโ€™s favourites and the Chilli No. 5 hot sauce we would pair with them. Enjoy!

Vegan Pad Thai

Created by dietician Sadia Badiei, this is the perfect idea for when you are craving a filling and healthy dinner recipe. We would love to pour our Sriracha Cha-Cha-Cha hot sauce on top to take it to another level of flavour.

Vegan Tacos

Sara Buenfeld from BBC Good Food created this fresh take on a beloved dish, boldly incorporating kiwi into the salsa for a punch of sweet/acidic flavour. We would use our Mexican Fury hot sauce to drizzle on top or incorporate it into the salsa for some more heat.

Roasted Black Bean Burgers

Jamie Oliver is a favourite chef of many, and we can see why with his healthy dinner of black bean burgers accompanied by a salsa, mango and avocado. Although our Louisiana BBQ hot sauce pairs perfectly with anything on the grill, we would suggest something a little more outside the box with our Wicked Wasabi hot sauce with this burger.

Harissa Lamb with Roast Carrots and Quinoa Pilaf

For a little more of an indulgent meal that is still on the healthy side, try this recipe created by Warren Mendes from Delicious. We recommend incorporating our Heavenly Harissa hot sauce in the rub for the lamb as well as in the quinoa pilaf for a bolder and spicier flavour.

Grilled Thai Beef Salad

For those who like to keep their carbohydrates to a minimum, this flavourful salad is perfect for you. Instead of making the dressing or marinade yourself, upgrade to one of our hot sauces like Totally Thai for a healthy and delicious twist.

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